In these Terms of Use the following terms, also which have been modified in singular or plural, will be used in the following meaning, insofar it does not derive differently from the nature or tenor of the stipulations.

1.     SportChain: SportChain.com B.V., the user of these Terms of Use, having its seat of business at Grenssteen 27, 4815PP Breda, the Netherlands, registered in the Trade Register under Chamber of Commerce number 63640120.

2.     Website: www.sportchain.com.

3.     User: any person who visits the website as (potential) purchaser of services of suppliers, which services will be offered by means of the website.

4.     Suppliers: the third parties, providers of services that will be offered on the website, such as hoteliers, transports people and other providers of services related to sport/training camps.



1.     These Terms of Use are applicable to each visit and use of the website by the user. The text of these Terms of Use will be made available to the user on the website, in such a manner, that this can be stored by the user on a sustainable information carrier.

2.     If SportChain does not always require strict compliance with these Terms of Use, then this does not mean that these Terms of Use are not applicable, or that SportChain loses the right to require in future instances strict compliance with these Terms of Use.

3.     Invalidation or invalidity of one or more of the stipulations from these Terms of Use, leaves the validity of the other stipulations unaffected. In prevalent instances, the user and SportChain are obliged to enter in mutual consultation, in order to make a substitute arrangement regarding the affected stipulation. Thereby, the purpose and the tenor of the original stipulations will be observed as much as possible.



1.     SportChain offers sports clubs by means of the website an online platform free of charge with which the user can book services of suppliers, such as stay and transport. The prices of the services will be represented on the website. After the choice of the user for certain services of a supplier, automatically an online offer will be generated by SportChain that is composed based on the specifications stated by the user, such as regarding the travel period and the number of sports people. If the user, after viewing the online offer, is interested in the offering included therein, he can, after he has registered himself conforming to the stipulations in section 3 on the website, enter by means of the internal messaging system of the website in contact with the concerned supplier to ask about the availability of the services and/or to further discuss the (price) terms and conditions in connection with the execution of the services. No rights can therefore be derived from that said offer. If the services are available and the user subsequently receives a designated offer of the supplier to proceed to booking, then this offering is always non-binding and the offering applies for as long the validity period of the offering stated by the concerned supplier has not yet expired. Acceptation of the offering last referred to by the user, constitutes a binding agreement between the supplier and the user, the one and the other under the Terms and Conditions agreed the thereby between parties last referred to.

2.     The user and supplier are free to, after their (initial) communication by means of the internal messaging system of the website, conclude the agreement between them, outside of SportChain.

3.     To be able to make use of all functionalities of the website and especially the booking of services of suppliers, the user must register himself on the website. The user is required to provide all mandatory data required at the registration, including the name of the sports club on whose behalf he acts, the address data of that sports club, the name, the phone number, e-mail address and the function of the user within the club, completely and according to the truth. The user is always obliged to keep his password for access to the website secret. All acts that will be executed on the account of the user, will be allocated to the registered user.

4.     SportChain makes only the offering of services of suppliers available to the user, which offering is composed by the suppliers. The suppliers can apply own Terms and conditions, under which they execute the agreements with users. For the content of the offering of suppliers, SportChain bears therefore no liability whatsoever. Print and composition errors on the website, as well as in designated offers as referred to in section 1, will be excluded.

5.     SportChain is not responsible for the actual availability on any moment of the services of suppliers conforming to their offering such as this has been presented to the user, neither for the quality of the services to be provided by suppliers. SportChain shall however make an effort to require from the suppliers, that they present their offering of services correctly and completely. The user is, however, always responsible for the verification of among others the correctness, legality, preciseness, reliability and completeness in the offering of suppliers. SportChain bears no liability whatsoever for damage suffered because a supplier has stated information that is incorrect, not precise, misleading or incomplete.

6.     Unless the user and the supplier decide to, after their (first) communication by means of the internal messaging system of the website, conclude the agreement between them, outside of SportChain, the user will receive thereto by means of his account on the website a proforma invoice or contract. SportChain is in no instance further involved than by mediation in the conclusion of agreements between suppliers and users. Furthermore, SportChain can never be involved in the processing and in possible disputes between suppliers and the user. SportChain is never liable for shortcomings of a supplier in connection with the compliance with an agreement concluded between him and the user. The user safeguards SportChain from all his claims in connection with the argument, that a supplier comes short in the compliance with his legal obligation(s) towards the user.

7.     SportChain is never liable for the consequences, of whichever nature, of the provision by the user to suppliers of incorrect or incomplete data. The user safeguards SportChain from all claims of third parties, including specifically suppliers, in connection with the argument that the data provided by the user, directly or indirectly via SportChain, to suppliers are incorrect, not-precise or misleading.

8.     SportChain makes an effort to always disclose reliable, precise offers as complete as possible, from suppliers on the website. SportChain can however not warrant that on any moment a more suitable offering for the user shall occur. It may be assumed, that the user shall understand that the offering of all possible suppliers of certain services will not be represented on the website, but that this only concerns suppliers that have liaised themselves to SportChain. The website offers for the user only an aid in finding services of suppliers. The user is, with the exclusion of SportChain, responsible for his acts and omissions further to the information disclosed on the website, including concerning his possible choice for a certain supplier.

9.     The user that concludes directly or indirectly agreements with suppliers via the website, or enters thereto in negotiation with suppliers, declares tacitly that he is authorised thereto on behalf of the sports club that is connected to the registration of the user on the website. The user safeguards SportChain from all claims of suppliers concerning the possible incompetence to represent of the user, as referred to here.



Behaviour qualifying as abuse, is most strictly forbidden. Under abuse will be understood, non-limitative, the deliberate input on the website or otherwise provision of incorrect and misleading information, the deliberate causing towards the website or servers of SportChain of disruptions or defects and the infraction in any other manner on the software or systems of SportChain. SportChain accepts no liability whatsoever for damage emerged because the user has acted in violation of the stipulations in these Terms of Use. The user furthermore safeguards SportChain in this regard from all claims of third parties, while the user is liable towards SportChain for damage that is caused by him as a consequence of the spreading, by means of the systems of SportChain, of viruses, worms et cetera, as well as for damage as a consequence of other acts that influence the proper working of the website.



1.     Each liability of SportChain in connection with the use of the website is excluded. In particular, SportChain is not liable for the instances as referred to in the following sections and the other parts of these Terms of Use, including especially the stipulations in Article 3, in which the liability of SportChain has been excluded or limited explicitly.

2.     SportChain acts solely as intermediary between suppliers and users and is furthermore involved in no manner whatsoever in negotiations, transactions and disputes between suppliers and the user mutually. SportChain is therefore never liable for possible damage in connection with such negotiations, transactions and possible disputes. SportChain can never be involved in disputes between suppliers and users mutually.

3.     All information in the offering of suppliers will be copied as careful as possible from the statements of the suppliers or the source that makes automatic provision of data about the offering possible. However, editing, spelling and typing errors will be excluded. Each liability of SportChain in that regard is excluded.

4.     SportChain makes an effort to optimise the correct working and the reachability of the website. However, SportChain cannot warrant that the website is available without limitation and that all facilities of the website always function without problems. All liability of SportChain in that regard is excluded.

5.     SportChain is authorised to put the website temporarily or permanently out of use, if this is desirable in its opinion regarding maintenance, modification or improvement of the website or the servers of SportChain or third parties, or as a consequence of the termination of the exploitation of the website, for whichever reason. All liability of SportChain in connection with the temporary or permanent inaccessibility of the website is excluded. In connection with such a putting out-of-use of the website, SportChain shall however be of assistance to the user, insofar necessary in the processing of already concluded agreements between the user and suppliers, or their resolutions to the conclusion of such an agreement.

6.     SportChain is never liable for the content of websites of third parties, including suppliers, to which is referred on the website, or that refer to the website of SportChain. SportChain has no say whatsoever in or influence on the content and the policy of websites of third parties.



All databank rights, copyrights and other rights of intellectual property on the domain name of SportChain, the website, including the design, working, images and sounds thereof, belong to SportChain insofar these rights do not belong to third parties, such as suppliers and licensors of SportChain. The user is forbidden to multiply, change or in any other manner reproduce the goods on which the intellectual property rights of SportChain or third parties rest.



All personal data provided to SportChain, will be treated as confidential conforming to the Dutch regulation Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG). The privacy statement on the website describes the precise processing of personal data by SportChain.



For complaints about the use of the website, the user can contact SportChain. This must take place by means of the contact form on the website. Complaints will be treated as soon as possible after receipt thereof. If SportChain cannot respond content-based within fourteen days after receipt of the complaint, then the user will receive within that term a confirmation of receipt, accompanied by the message within which term the user shall receive a content-based reaction. Complaints reasonably not relevant about the use of the website, shall not be processed by SportChain. For instance, complaints about legal obligations between the user and a supplier shall not be treated by SportChain, unless such under circumstances, would be unreasonable.



1.     Solely the Laws of the Netherlands are applicable to each legal relation between the user and SportChain.

2.     In case of disputes between SportChain and the user, they shall make an optimum effort to resolve those disputes in mutual consultation. If a dispute is not resolved mutually, and an appeal will be made to the courts, then - insofar the law does not deviate thereof mandatorily – solely the competent court in the court district of the legal seat of SportChain will be appointed to take knowledge of disputes before the courts.


3.     If these Terms of Use are available in several languages, then the version in the Netherlands’ language shall be decisive for the interpretation of the stipulations recorded therein.

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