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SportChain will connect sports groups with your property without the use of an intermediary. This means groups will book your property directly and as a result the value of your bookings will increase.

First listed sport is football, but in 2019 more sports will be added. Sports such as golf, rugby, swimming, field hockey and many more. Is your hotel already receiving sport groups or are you interested in having more sports groups? SportChain is the place to be listed.

SportChain is a multilingual platform, as a result we give your property global exposure.

Why join SportChain?

No commission
Customers book and pay you directly
Global exposure
Multilingual platform
Sales & marketing platform
Direct communication

Our mission is to make sportstravel more convenient. For everybody

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How it works

List your property

Listing your property is easy and free. It only takes a day to get listed.

Get worldwide exposure

SportChain is multilingual and has a vast global network.

Easy controls available

Receive availability requests, be in control and communicate directly with your prospect.

Enjoy more bookings

Teams from all around the world will see your property, for them booking has never been so easy.


Teams or Athletes booking your property will pay you directly. We do not charge you any commission. We do not even charge your guests any booking costs. We want to make sportstravel affordable and convenient. For everybody!

This is why we work with a membership based model.

The annual membership fee is €999,- per year, but you can start with a FREE TRIAL

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What do you get in return?

Your property listed on a multilingual global platform
Your own hotelmanager to manage all requests and bookings
Communicate directly with prospects
No matter how many bookings, membership always remains the same
Your own analytics tool in your hotelmanager

Advertising in a magazine will cost you the same as getting listed on SportChain. But with SportChain we will make sure your property will get worldwide exposure.

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