How does SportChain works?


On SportChain you will find many hotels with sports facilities. We made it possible for your team to contact directly with each hotel listed on our platform. We are not a travel agent. Our goal is to connect your team with the hotels listed here on SportChain.

Football is the first sport on SportChain. More sports will follow soon. In 2020 we expect to add rugby and golf.

To contact the hotels you can create a free account. With your own SportChain account it is possible to communicate directly with the hotels, request prices and check availability. 

SportChain advices hotels to add their rates on the platform, because this will speed up the booking process and you can filter easily. Not (yet) all hotels listed here have published their prices. Especially for your team, we made it very easy and convenient to request their prices. 


You will receive prices directly from the hotel. You will book and pay directly to the hotel of your choice. We do not charge hotels any commission which means the rates you see are really the best rates you can get. As mentioned before we are not a travel agent. Hotels listed on SportChain pay us a membership fee. 


We have made it very easy to request prices. Just plan your trip, set dates, add number of persons and request prices at the hotel of your choice.


POTENTIALLY EXTRA DISCOUNT: Besides getting the best prices we can also help you to reclaim the VAT (value added tax) which is mentioned on the hotel invoice. Travel agents cannot do this, but we can!

As soon as you receive prices and make a reservation the hotel will send you the contractual agreement. After signing the agreement it is possible to upload the signed agreement directly into the SportChain account of the hotel. Subsequently you will receive an invoice. It is important you adhere to the payment terms mentioned on the invoice. If you miss your payment deadline the hotel is entitled to cancel your booking immediately.

We are aware of the fact that hotels are not the only part of a training camp. We know you need airport transfers, flights and often a friendly match. Soon we will integrate these parts in SportChain as well.



SportChain is also FIFA Match agent so please contact us if you need one or more matches for your trip.


Airport Transfer

To request airport transfers we partnered with Holiday Taxis. They arrange airport transfers from almost every airport around the globe.



To request return flights we partnered with Group Flights. They can help you with flights from almost every airport around the globe.



Plan your trip

For the most accurate prices, set your travel dates.



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