About SportChain

Our Mission is to make sports travel super convenient for everybody

At we all come to work everyday because we want to help our customers, to connect sportsteams with sportstravel destinations, to make traveling light and easy by providing transparent and effective tools to accomplish these goals. is the first sports travel platform where you can book your training camp directly with the hotels listed on our platform. 

On you will find many hotels with football facilities in different countries. We made it possible for your team to contact each hotel directly. Please be aware that is not a travel agent. Hotels listed on our platform pay us a membership fee. Our goal is to connect your team with the hotels listed on and to make the booking process convenient and affordable.

You will receive prices directly from the hotel. You will book and pay directly to the hotel of your choice. And because we do not charge any commission the rates you see are really the best rates you can get. This will save your team a lot of money. 

Besides getting the best rates we can make it even more affordable with our VAT reclaim tool. We can help you to reclaim the VAT (value added tax) which is mentioned on the hotel invoice. Travel agents cannot do this, but we can!

Football is the first sport on More sports will follow soon. In 2018 we expect to add rugby and golf. 

Soon we will have the most comprehensive database of training camp destinations worldwide and more important we have made this database accessible to anyone interested in organizing a sports trip, a training camp or a preseason tour.  

One of our goals is to make sports travel affordable. We skip the middleman so that you can buy/book direct which will save you a ton of money.  


Customers book directly

Through your personal online portal you can finalize your booking with the customer directly.

Multilingual advertises your accommodation in more than 4 languages to sport travellers from around the world. At the end of 2018 we will be online with 10 languages.


Global Marketing Platform

With a mixture of accommodations and sports facilities will be the biggest online database of sports destinations in the world.

Blockchain technology

To secure your and the customer’s safety we will use a blockchain technology. All signed contractual agreements will be protected safe for fraud, cybercrime and cancellations in a blockchain.

Plan your trip

For the most accurate prices, set your travel dates.



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